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Gravity is not a force.and science is not a GOD.
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That that is is. That that is not is not....
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    I'm a middle aged man who spends way to much time on the computer fixing problems I caused by tinkering and playing Morrowind. I have rather unusual ideas and beliefs and I figure the best way to share and test these is to post them here. I haven't managed as of yet (06:18 December the third of 2005) gotten up the nerve to post. I am a little narcissistic and sensitive.

>>In Spirit Oration<<   
Life returns when death has a sole.

The sole of the mother fills
the lions, wolfs, and bears by land;

the hawks, eagles and owls by air;

the Tunas, sharks and seals by sea.

guided like scalpels in trained hands
Cleansing and culling and sharing.

"Civilized" Man makes a poor blade
killing the strong wile shunning the sick
fouling the land and sharing not even his scat.
Life beware the tides of Civilization.
can we learn to see and hear and feel;
to share and love and heal?

Below is excerpt form reff: please for give the Cut & Paste below but I couldn't improve on the trueth.
 Around the world, from the forests of Venezuela to Yellowstone's majestic wilderness to the Caribbean's coral reefs, researchers are discovering predators play a vital role in the health of our natural systems. Knowing this, should we learn to live with predators? Can we?    To learn about the global scale of this problem and why you personally should care, go to: = Why Should I Care?  


Navitas → Vacuus = Mutamur ~ Tempus ~ Vita ~ Amor

I think family rules and so does Shmuley Boteach -Family Hero- and Rabbi.
Quoted from:
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, host of the national TV show 'Shalom in the Home' on TLC (The Learning Channel), was also named by Talkers Magazine as one of the hundred most important radio hosts in America . Rabbi Shmuley is also the international best-selling author of 15 books, and an acclaimed syndicated columnist who in 2005 won the American Jewish Press Association's highest award for excellence in commentary.
I think Family members are heroes. Its loves' work and diligence, that makes a home. In the current age of rapid change, families are at risk. Indeed they are dying.

Thank you Shmuley for your crisp, bright and definitive truth that can break the chain of dysfunction that threatens the foundation of humanity.

I have not seen the television show>Shalom in the Home - On TLC< Becouse I only get the broadcast stations. But I saw the 26 June, 2006 Rabbi Shmuley on Oprah! episode and was inspired to write this.

I also thank the team of  Supernanny and Nanny911 Bothe of these shows are enheartening and although I am a single male with no living relatives and yet my heart soars when I see a family healing and growing in the light of the trueth. Perhaps my family would have survived had these three shows come along twenty years ago.