Or.... I was raised by an anal English major.

Mom honestly believed this. 'Get' was classified as slang, and not allowed in our vocabulary as children. If the offending word was uttered, Mom would have us come up with an alternate way to compose the sentence, working hard to be sure this horrible slang didn't pollute our sentence structure! Through the years it has become habit, and I find I rarely use the word 'get'. I can replace it in almost every usage, and do. Not conciously, mind you, but years of conditioning have paid off for Mom. Makes my speech sound kind of pompous, but I bet Mom would be glad of that.

"Please get me a glass of water." becomes "Please bring me a glass of water."
"I need to get a new car." becomes "I need to buy a new car."
"I don't get it." becomes "I don't understand."
"I've got to go to the bathroom." "I have to go to the bathroom."
And so on.

I've found only one instance where you really have to use the word 'get'. Thank the gods for James Brown...... and Get Down! Wooo!