Arrrrrrr..... I'm awake, and the rest of the house sleeps. The coffee is dripping into the cup, and I'm getting my head on for the day. The boyfriend went out clubbing last night, and I couldn't go, for a couple of reasons. I always hate that, resent that he goes without me anyhow, comes home at 4AM all high and plays music and drinks beer and looks at porn til he collapses. So now, he sleeps, I'm up getting laundry going and baking the kiddo's birthday cake.

I love this time of day though. It's the only time I'm aloneish in my home, just me and the kitties, yawning and stretching while the birdies make noise outside. Today will be fun. Friends coming over to BBQ with us and eat cake and ice cream. They'll bring records and we'll play music and the kiddo will break out her freshly-tuned bass and it'll be a happy time. This is her 'family party' as opposed to her 'friend party' which will come later. I'm gratified that she wanted this party, wanted the adults in her life to come celebrate with her as she gets older, becoming one of us soon enough. I offered to cancel this party when her schedule got heavy, but she wants it, and I'm glad she loves us enough that we're not too uncool. Yet. She's only fourteen, so we'll see what comes next.