Ahhhhh yes. Friday. Here's the menu:
1st Period...6th grade... Working on cereal box design. Full class, nice kids. Silly ideas.

2nd Period...prep time. Write the inequalities quiz for 5th period's Math kids. Have lunch-Chicken Caeser Salad and goldfish crackers!

3rd & 4th Periods... 7th grade... Learning how to put pictures into a table for their web sites. A lot of fun, in the main.

5th Period ... 7th grade Math... afore-mentioned quiz on deck. Gave out grades yesterday. One silly kiddo acted out his Academy Awards speech when he got to the front of the class..."I would like to thank my mother, for reminding me to study..." I love my Math class. Probably the last one I'll have for a while, they're turning me over to Technology full time next year.

6th Period...8th grade... doing the cereal box project with these guys as well, They've reached the "write a business letter' part. Their cereal box designs are much more silly, edgy and creative than the 6th graders. Amazing how much they change in just a couple of years. From ten to fourteen is a huge jump in life. They're doing such things as Keyboard Krunch! Vowels in every byte!, Sugar Frosted Sugar Cubes. Guaranteed to keep your kids bouncing off the walls all day! andSprayToast, a can of sprayable crunch!. I think my favorite is Exoskeletons. She's done an amazing beetle picture, and has filled up a bowl with the beetles for the cover of her box.

After school, I get to price servers and spend the $3700 they found for my budget. Whoop! Be nice to do some real backups again. Shhhhhhh! We finally got our retroactive pay raise checks too, so I've paid all the bills and can go record shopping! Yip! Heading to Clear Music, on Valencia, the finest in house music. I like Solid Grooves in San Jose better, really, more deep house and tech house stuff, but it's too far for a friday afternoon.

Home again. Boyfriend will come over, kid is spending the night out. I'll have new records to play, some new leather to wear... could be a fun night. Wink wink, nudge nudge. Tomorrow, taking the kiddo and her boyfriend to the Surrealism and Dada exhibit at the California Legion of Honor museum. Over 200 pieces, stopping in only three cities in the US. I'm all excited!

Happy Friday!