I was up high in the mountains, seemingly on a ranch of some sort, home after working hard outdoors. Standing behind the house talking to a guy I worked with, no one I know in real life, a bit older than I, a cowboy fence-line rider kinda guy. My oldest friend was inside the house with some friend of hers, jabbering away, plotting, making secretive inflamatory statements. One of her favourite hobbies is trying to embarass me publicly. I wasn't going in the house, no need for that kind of intrigue. I had several rocks, some strung on chains, some loose in my pockets. There was a light crust of snow on the ground, frozen hard in the cool of the afternoon.

Standing by the barbed wire fence, watching the sunset. I turned around to see the reflection of the sunset colors on the mountains to the east, high mountains, peaks capped in snow. I could see the shadow of the earth rising, sliding up the mountains as the earth turned. I got the attention of my co-worker to show him how cool it was, the shadow sliding over land like that, it was so lovely. He turned to me, and it was not the same guy anymore, but another close friend, friend of my heart, a man I don't have to exhange a lot of words with in order to get to the point. He raised his hand high, and we could see the shadow of it on the mountains, mountain sized. We laughed and laughed and the sun slid over the edge.