Looks like a nightmare night all round.
I dreamed that I was packing for a long camping trip, not Burning Man, but long and requiring the same kinds of preparation. We had an old milk truck with scabby paint and shredded interior, packed to the gills with stuff. We were off to late start, but I insisted on going to this auction, which seemed to be being held by German immigrants in a tenement of some kind. The goods were strewn everywhere, and I was piling stuff in a laundry basket and making sure to bid on it. I knew that everyone was ready to go, and they were all impatient waiting for me. I won my bid, and took the basket outside. Once I got out there, I realized I'd forgotton to bid on all the things the other people in my group had wanted me to pick up for them. I went back in and found the auction was over, the German people had little sympathy for me. I was quite upset with myself, and went back outside to pick up the milk truck and go get my friends. After some searching, I realized the milk truck had been stolen, and I was going to be in deep trouble with my friends. All my camping gear, all my friend's baby's stuff, all the DJ equipment was in the milk truck. Ugh.
I woke up fifteen minutes before the alarm. Ugh again.