You see, I'm in no condition to be passing judgment on peoples' nodes. I can barely think straight, yet every node that passes my eye that is funny gets as much of a + vote as I can give it.

I believe this to be another fallacy of the Voting/Experience System. I have no actual perception of the nodes I am presenting myself with right now. I could look at these tomorrow and think they're totally Nazi'd out.

Example: heh. I'm watching Beavis and Butt-head Do America. Cavity search. Deep and hard. Full cavity searches all around. heh.

So yeah. The voting system on Everything is wrong and pointless. How can you trust the votes from a piece of shit drunkard as myself? I am totally disoriented, but I insist on voting despite that fact. Oh well...

I don't want to fall so easily.




Yes, this is a joke. Jesus Christ. Have you not noticed how many people node drunk?