Well, Sam moved in today. His mom and dad were here. His mom cleaned all my shot glasses (there was really nothing else in the sink). I thought that was funny. We got Giordano's pizza and they fucked it up. Instead of a pepperoni and a half canadian bacon, pineapple, and green olives/half cheese and black olives (no meat for me!), we got one pizza with half pepperoni, black olives, and canadian bacon, and the other half was green olives, canadian bacon, pepperoni, and pineapple. $50 for such horrible service is bullshit. At least they gave us replacement pizzas, although it took another whole hour and the fucking guy asked for more than they told us it was the first time he came. Oh how I hate the city.

It's nice to not leave the house for a day. Haven't done that for a week or so. Sam's in his room right now slowly becoming addicted to Age of Empires 2.

I hooked our computers up to make a nice little LAN. We played Unreal Tournament for about two seconds. Had to quit because my shit's all fucked up since I got this new video card (Riva TNT2) from Craig (hey, he didn't need it anymore). So I even got his computer to use my modem for dial-up networking. I feel like a Windows networking god. I know it's no big deal, but with my history with Microsoft networks it's a bit of a big deal.

Cleared a whole lot more of that beer tonight. Maybe a party last week wasn't such a bad idea; the leftovers are nice. Shot of Jack Daniel's really makes the night a nice thing.

I watched Office Space again today. I've been watching it like ritualistically lately. Seriously almost every day. It's like an addiction; a dream that you want to come true. I really really want to do nothing for a living. That movie displays my ideal existence. Don't know what to think of it really...

Broke BeOS's modem workingness again. Had to boot back into Windows after only six days of uptime in Be. Pissed me off too, because I'd just got it working after 3 months.

Derek's back from his grampa's funeral. I felt really bad for him, but he's so quiet anyway that I had no clue how impacted he was. Hope he's ok.

Today I also asked Sam if he had any interest in playing Magic or if he even knew what it was. Planting a seed...

Tomorrow should be fun. I plan to go see The Seven Samurai at the Music Box if I wake up early enough. Otherwise, I'll just lose out on an important life experience and sleep all day. Story of my life...

Listened to the Deftones (White Pony) and William Ørbit (Pieces in a Modern Style) today. That is all. Good day.