A couple months back I became homeless. I was living at adoxograph's house for about a week and a half. It was an ok time for me really. I was bouncing all over, suburbs to city to suburbs. I was awaiting the drawing up of my lease for my new apartment and the beginning of the summer semester at my shitty school. It was a good experience, being homeless. I learned a lot about adoxograph, beer, and math. I was reentered into my age-old psychotic interest in books. I was slightly changed in a manner that served as a correction in the rebuilding of myself after the Summer of 1999. Below is the note that I made when I realized that I had lost interest in Everything (for an undetermined time). It is slightly edited from the original, but I assure you it is as carefully worded (although it may not seem so) as the original.

Well, it seems I'm taking something of an Everything Vacation. Permanent or not, I don't know. But dammit, you know, motherfucker. So much bullshit, and you know. Fuck (See also: This is my 666th node, coming at you straight from the fiery depths of Hell). You know, when I came to Everything, it was...argh. I loved this place so much and now, -sigh-. Anyways, after a week of homelessness and a month of moving, and a situation preventing me from having Internet access at all (fucking cable company whores), and an seemingly endless job search, and hours and hours of bookstore sitting, and almost a bit too much time at Usagi, blind_monkey, and adoxograph's houses, I don't really feel like much of anything. I'm sure you can understand. So now I just search for a job to pay for the phone, the electric, the gas, the ghost Internet access.

This is me normally.

This is me lately.

So, at this time I don't say "I shall node again no more forever," but instead I'll just say I'm taking a break, like my little buddy flamingweasel, who inspired me to make this note of excuse.

Thanks for listening...

I got a job. After that, my world brightened up quite a bit, especially with the ending of the summer semester. Soon after I got the job, I started noticing myself becoming interested in the fine art of conversation, much like I had been years ago. I don't think I can really emphasize here the magnitude of such a thing and its effects on my life.

My interest in conversation spawned my new obsession and art project, which I am regretfully not at liberty to discuss right now. The renewed interest also revived some of my lacking social skills (if they can even be called skills), allowing me to once again talk to someone interestingly, and not really need anything to say while doing so.

And what else? It made me like Everything once again. I dropped my interest in the Voting/Experience System for real. I started really dropping my head into the nodes I was once again making. I like this place again, and I couldn't give two shits that I have 300 more writeups every day (because my nodes are being syphoned away as I sleep) to Level 9. I feel some kind of purpose to this site again, and I know now that Everything is what you make of it. Seriously. It sounds stupid, but it's true.

Why do I node this note? I'm taking it off my home node. I'm writing again. I feel a bit re-energized, stupid as it may sound. Hell, I even made a new home node picture this week. So WHY WHY WHY!!!!!?

I'm back.

You have been warned.
Let the sarcasm live again.