LA-based DJ active in the hardcore and gabber (Euro hardcore) style who records on the Santa Monica-based V-Wax label. He also sells his music online at a site named after his cartoon alter ego, Dr. Freeclouds. With 13 years as a DJ, Ron's core still remains hard. In the past 13 years, Ron D. Core's style has progressed from what is known as old school techno, to hard acid, to more recently, an aggressive hardcore style known as terrorcore!

Armed with a unique mixing style, excellent track selection and programming, and a penchant for infusing humor into his sets with sound clips from his favorite adult films, Ron D. Core continues to be sought after to play gigs not only in his present hardcore/gabber musical style, but also his rare hard acid and old school techno sets.

With his unique style and an ear for what is original and fresh in underground dance music today, Ron D. Core will remain a spearhead for cutting edge techno music in the rave scene. Which direction he will take it from this point is anyone's guess, but you can always be sure it will be something new, exciting, and hard.


Mad Doctor, Vol. 1: Psychotic Episodes
  1. Intellectual Killer
  2. Stakka Metus
  3. Each Dawn I Die
  4. No More Muzic By The Succazz
  5. Go!
  6. Dimples D
  7. Enter Dimention
  8. Disable
  9. Speeed
  10. Terrorists
  11. Bruce is the Shit
  12. Speedragga
  13. Popular Shag
  14. I'll Kill You Boy
  15. Psycho
  16. Ind. Strength
  17. 16 Clips
  18. Haine
  19. Markt Frisch Terror
Medical Mayhem
  1. Costa Mesa Biaaach
  2. Let's Go
  3. Interrogation
  4. Say Goodbye
  5. Religion 2
  6. Crippler
  7. Way of the Homeboy
  8. Napalmed
  9. Distorted Anger
  10. Ruined
  11. Defending the Title
  12. Metal Warz
  13. Redabilitated
  14. Trip to Hell
  15. Do It in the House
  16. What Do You Want
  17. Fuck Deep House
  18. Skeptomaniac
  19. Severe Beating
  20. Inextricable Zenith
Yeah, there's other shit. And I know nothing about it...

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