I never drank. I had like a sip of beer when I was five, and that was all. Even through my first year of college, I had still not drank. Last fall, I was at a party with a ton of my friends. They were all drinking all kinds of everything. At one point during the party I surprised everyone (I'm into shock comedy anyway) and grabbed my roommate's beer and drank it all at once. Everybody had a shit fit. They said everything from "I've never seen anybody drink a cup of beer that fast" to "Oh no, we corrupted you!" (like it was their choice...). Why did I do it? The same reason I didn't. I had no reason. It was fun at the time. It was a completely social thing and made me feel more like part of the party and not so much of a spectator. I don't really like beer, and I didn't then, so I then proceeded to drink a lot of different non-beer things and nothing was happening. Everyone thought I was like immune to the effects of alcohol. It took so much for me to feel anything.

What's weird and kinda different about my drunken state? I don't get stupid. I don't forget anything. I'm perfectly conscious the whole time, and I don't pass out. I have no hangovers. I remember everything that happened. The downfall? I go blind. Like comically. My head spins so much that I can barely see. It's always a big joke now at parties with friends when I say "I can't see!" because they know that I've drank a lot.

Drugs? Fuck no. That's too much of a loss of control (although I used to say the same about alcohol). But don't separate yourself from people that do drugs just because you don't. They're still people. They may or may not be retarded because of the drugs, but they're still people.

My real point here I guess is that you can't really know what the deal is with drinking or drugs. I had no idea that me being drunk meant me being cross-eyed and that I still would have no desire to do drugs after all this time. I accept the existence of both, although I must admit I do sometimes look down on people who do drugs.

Argh! Off subject again. Here is my conclusion for real: Do what you want. If you want to drink, drink. Just don't make it a problem. Don't let it control you. Don't let it make you fall...