I am asexist.

Well, that doesn't really mean anything, except that I hate things without sex? Let me explain more fluently. I deny gender. Sure, I may voice my little opinions about how I hate chicks more often, but I hate dudes just as much. And hell, I wouldn't want to make myself look bad or anything.

I don't like chicks because (in general) they're weak. I don't know why, but in the past years I have not liked this one thing. I don't like that I'm weak either, and that's probably where the whole mess comes from. Probably childhood damage, like everything else. And hell, come to think of it, guys that are totally weak kind of piss me off too.

Wait. I need a position before I go off here, don't I? Ok; I can do that. My position:

If you're going to hate one person, hate that one person, and not the group they are most easily associated with.

I mean, I would know. I hate everything. All I say is "I hate how," "I hate that," and "I hate everything." I don't really hate everything. I just have a tendency to say negative things because I think the positive things are just fine and need no further comment. Maybe that is why people complain about the opposite sex. They see no need to comment on the things they like in general, so they comment on the things they hate in general. I don't know.

When it comes to gender, the following things apply:
  • Physical differences exist. This does not mean all men are stronger than women. It does not mean all women are stronger than men. It means that there is a difference in the way the pelvis is built, there is a difference in the reproductive systems, there is a difference in some gender-related chemistry, and there is a difference in the way the body handles fat distribution. No weakness or strength issues by nature.
  • Mental differences exist. The extent of these are basically that studies show in general that women tend to be better able to focus on multiple tasks at once. Men, however, are better at completing a single task more efficiently. It balances out.
Notice things not on the list. Hell, how about a list to list things not on the first listed list:

Another thing I don't like is the fact that when I hear the word "sexist," I automatically think of guys. That's just not fucking right. But then again, when was the last time you saw a guy complaining about sexist practice? Sure, it's not around as much, but it's around. Just because guys took over the world didn't mean all guys took over the world. I feel in no way in control of anything.

Both genders have weaknesses. These weaknesses, however, are not rooted in gender. They are rooted in that particular person. Fuck stereotypes, fuck men, fuck women, and fuck stereotype fodder, for that matter. I blame Barbie and GI Joe for all of the world's problems. Teach kids that they need big dicks and big tits and what the fuck do you expect?

I implore you; if you have kids or even know kids, give them a math game to play with or something. Something absolutely neutral. And if the kids' behavior don't match up to the stereotypes that say what they should act like based on what they have in their pants, let them choose their own gender. Don't force something unnatural. The world's fucked up enough now. Let's just let the bad gender stereotypes die. If they die, sexism dies. Good night.

How the fuck did I go from me hating everything to kids?