Um, I will now humbly suggest a standard for noding lyrics. This standard has nothing to do with actual node style or formatting of the lyrics. This standard is to prevent unorganized and impossible to search for node titles. The standard would also provide for easy navigation within an artist and album. And remember, oh violent noders, this is only a suggestion. I can only hope it takes off. I am very confident in the way I node lyrics.

In no particular order, here are my guidelines:

I feel a bit arrogant noding this, but I feel that it will help the lyrics noding situation on Everything. Note that I provide this merely as a suggestion, and that I especially don't expect you to go back and change the 30 albums you've noded so far. If you agree, simply keep it in mind for the future. If you really agree, go back and change your shit. I'm suggesting this solely in confidence of my own style, so I should hard link some examples. See Incubus, Fear Factory, and Primus to peruse my lyrics noding style. Thanks for listening...

* Sarcasmo humbly bows at your feet.