I recently received email with the subject "Somebody has a crush on you," and I checked it out. It turns out it leads to this site called CrushLink (http://www.CrushLink.com is how the link was in the message). I was very disappointed in the result. The site, in essence, was basically the equivalent of a warez or porn site that tried to get you to click on ad banners and register for affiliate programs the site was signed up for. Basically, I was spammed. I don't like that, even if someone I know supposedly (and probably unknowingly) sent it to me. I like to write letters to people of power, so I wrote this email message, and sent it to them:
I would just like to say that your website, CrushLink, has brought the standards of the Internet to a new all-time low. The pitiful act of spamming people by having their friends unknowingly send them annoying email is something I haven't seen in my 7 years of Internet usage, and I'm saddened by the fact that I had to experience it at all.

I mean really; there's such thing as business models, and there such thing as unintelligent scams. Guess what I consider CrushLink? Can you seriously not think of a better way to capitalize on the Internet than by providing "hints" to people concerning their "Crush"es via CoolSavings.com registrations? I mean really. It's sad.

If I may, I would like to give you some advice on how to make money on the Internet. Seeing CrushLink, I believe I am definitely in a place to be able to do so. I work at an Internet company that creates business-to-business based web applications for mainly Chicago businesses. We use all open source technologies and experienced programmers to produce websites for our clients that actually increase their productivity and profitability. I advise that you scrap the scam idea and attempt to do the same. It's not hard.

The Internet is a glowing network of morons that are looking to spend their money. Let them give it to you, as opposed to taking it.

Chicago, IL
If a reply comes, I'll be sure to add it below.