I thought that was called heroin...

Really though, not that I've done any or anything (ahem), but aren't most drugs good enough? I mean really... And if not, then can't you masturbate? I always kind of thought of orgasms as an alternative to drugs. Just a thought really, but is there any way to satisfy you if that's not enough?

AND, if there was a drug that made you pop on command there would be no real interest in (oh, what's it called)...sex. Oh sure, people say there would be, but in reality they'd be too busy cumming on the streets, buses, trains, and in their cars and living rooms to actually get with someone and do it right natural.


On the other hand, I think among other things the sheer importance of sex as a reproductive practice would die away, and perhaps an elite sexual force (people that don't need or even want said drug) will evolve, advancing orgasmology to a new level that would render the drug useless. As a further result, all addicts' families would die away, and the phonebook won't have so many Johnsons, Smiths, or Durbins in it anymore.

function sideNote()
// display side note...
print (...there probably wouldn't be a need for tantra and other such things...perhaps more reason to question to their validity (note that I merely play devil's advocate; I am a sex god)...)