Really, this is just a mindless ramble, trying to remember the conversation.
So I shall make it a daylog. Xenex forgive me.


Terry Pratchett, JRR Tolkein, and D&D were influences on this conversation, and the formation of the question.

The question being:
If female dwarves shaved their beards would it be considered kinky?

After a long and twisted debate, we established that Tolkein did not have any female dwarves, so the men must give birth to their own. The question for this should really be "If male dwarves shaved their beards would it be considered kinky?"

(Edited: zerotime: Everyone knows Tolkein's dwarves budded, like sea anenomes.)

D&D had females without beards. I don't really know enough about D&D to write more. Possibly after getting my friends to start a game I could expand on this point, but all I was told was that in a later edition, female dwarves had no beards. So maybe D&D had a kinky side?

Terry Pratchett did the high heeled dwarf thing, with Cherri Littlebottom revolutionising the way Ankh-Morpork dwarven females dressed, although no beards were shawn. So perhaps it would still be kinky if female dwarves shaved their beards?

Maybe they hide their genitals under there?


It was a silly conversation, taken quite seriously at the time.
I really want an answer now.