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[Writing a story] is not inherently [difficult] – [Monkey|people] say that they don’t get ideas, don’t have ideas, but the fact is – they’re [wrong]. All you need to do to [write a story] is to get it started. Once you have an [opening], the rest follows [suit] – [the human mind] is a [wonderful] thing in this respect.

Once you have the [scaffolding] worked out, you can go back and [trim]. You can [cut], [add], and do as much or little to the [story] as you want – one of the great [assets] writing has over [sculpture]. Come to think of it, you don’t really even need [a good opening] – your [opening] will probably change by the time you’ve [finished] with [the story]. No, [writer’s block] is largely a [function] of our [society]’s deep inner need to go [from left to right].