But how much control do we really have over our emotion? Consider the way that society is put together in this day and age: we are assaulted by psychobabble, by the media, by our fellow man with this concept of emotion. We have been too repressed for too long, guilt is bad, and it's OK to cry -- all the old notions of carriage were wrong, were psychologically damaging. Kids can't be shown any discipline at all anymore, because some parents that weren't adult enought to make their children unhappy managed to perpetuate the image that letting a child roam free is the only way to teach them.

A person is a product of their environment -- our actions, our reactions are a matter of our upbringing (or our genes depending)-- so you grew up in a way that allowed you to ignore the taunts of others. Most would say you're emotionally scarred by that, that you can no longer have true feelings because you've walled yourself off.

It's all a matter of one's point of view.