Suzanne takes you down…

So simple, so fragile, so enduring
A few simple plucks of a guitar string and my mind is gone
Sweeping over fields and rivers
To people long forgotten and long changed
But I see them as the were, as I was
Pure, young, perfect in that moment on the porch
The sweet sound of an acoustic guitar
Simple harmonies of untrained voices singing for the sheer pleasure of it
I want to sing. To bring myself back to that world, to those people
To that me…


I sit along and watch the standing shadows in my room
The solitude of life within the early morning gloom
It’s restful, somehow peaceful
Filled with void sterility
A chord comes through my speakers and my soul is wrenched from me.

I remember nights in summer
Warm wind summers long ago
Peaceful porches
Soothing folk songs
And a campfire’s single glow
I remember long lost people
People gone or people changed
And we sit there in that evening
As we once were
Timeless figures
As were always meant to be.

My life is not my own
It is not the thing I want

-Sand Jack (Suzanne Lyric by Leonard Cohen)