Bryn Mawr women, or as they are affectionatly reffered to by those they know and love as Mawrtyrs, has a Quaker background, along with the other members of it's tri-college community Haverford and Swarthmore. Bryn Mawr is very close with Haverford, to the point where it is extremely common for students from either college to take a class at the other. There is a bus that runs between the two colleges in the bi-co as it is reffered to by students and faculty of both colleges, approximately every half-hour during the school day and about every hour up until midnight or so on weeknights. This is reffered to as the Blue Bus as it is a bus and it is blue.

Mawrtyrs have many odd customs and traditions including: a May Day ceremony including a May Pole, lots of women in white dresses, and live entertainment.

It is universally accepted that Mawrtyrs are a little off from the norm -- depending on who you talk to this can be excellent or a bit of scary. You make the call. Visit Bryn Mawr.

You will find it in Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania, just a hop skip and a jump from Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love. It is located in the Main Line, a collection of some of the more affluent suburbs of Philadelphia. The name Bryn Mawr is Welsh, as are most of the other names of the towns on the Main Line.