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My user name is from the song Saint Louis Blues, an oldie but goodie. I actually first saw a Black and White variety show called Saint Louis Blues on WHUT in Washington DC. There was an R&B group on there called the Clovers (possibly the Cloverleafs or the Four Clovers). Their song, Lovey Dovey provided the lyrics for most of Steve Miller's The Joker, including the line "really love your peaches, wanna shake your tree". The hockey team and I both got our name from the song. I however, am a Caps fan because I live in DC and the Blues suck.

I don't use this site more than one every few months and while I appreciate the feedback on my aborted nodes, I am extremely unlikely to write anything more than I already wrote. Mainly because I will have lost interest by the time I see my messages. Plus I think that any correct information is better than no information.