And in addition to the forementioned, a new member of the Finnish parliament.

Yesterday I thought that this candidate (who BTW has the SS sigil tattooed on his ankle) was the biggest (quite literally), funniest and the most hideously grotesgue joke in a long time. Although I don't think that fanatic nationalism is in itself funny, I did see Tony Halme being a candidate in the election as extremely hilarious. Can't say why really...

Yesterday was good.

Yesterday, this man was just a number. 33. Just one of those "alternative" candidates, falling to the gray mass of lunatics and celebrities, who all think they got a chance at politics. You see, in finland everyone can be a politician, and therefor everyone will try. Especially celebrities like singers, professional athletes and so on. Mostly these kind of candidates only bring votes to their party, they rarely get elected themselves. And if they do, it's never by a landslide.

Or so it was, until last night.

And last night changed a lot. The result surprised me, as well as the whole nation. Halme received 16390 votes. Scoring fifth. Nationwide.

For example Anneli Jäätteenmäki received a whopping 15657 votes, and she's the head of Keskusta, the party that won the election as a whole, and therefor the person most likely to become the prime minister.

Today is surreal.

Today I'm ashamed to be a finn.

Today, I'm thinking Bobrikov.