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To teach and learn at the same time.
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The username came from an error message in one of the best computer games ever, System Shock 1.
An explanation of the history of "Salt the Fries":

Back when the LG team was working late-night on SS, one of the employees would go out to McDonalds and order like 15 or 16 Extra Value Meals, or something like that. However, the guys at McDonalds, due to the excess baggage, had to pack all the food into their boxes which they received from the manufacturing plant (Fries, Burgers, etc..). On those boxes, the people at Mickey D's put some quotes on there. On the French Fries boxes, they put the quote "Salt the Fries." The dudes at LG though this was funny, so they cut up all the boxes with "Salt the Fries" on it and pasted them all over the office. Hence, the "Salt the Fries" line was born. Remember, it's not Salt the Fries, it's "Salt the Fries." (A quote from Doug at E3). --
LG refers to Looking Glass Studios, a now defunct computer game company.

I am very very bored
a button fell off of my shirt
now I am so annoyed