What most of us alive today are taking part of. You may not realize it, but as things get closer, I'm sure you will.

We, as humans, have a lifespan. The body does not have the ability to last forever - it's not in the DNA, and not within the realm of medicine to change yet. But technology is changing things fast, and surely it will change even faster soon. Lifespan has increased incredibly in the last hundred years, and the next hundred promise to have many times the amount of change.

So the big question is will you remain alive until the first serious life-extension technology arrives? It doesn't need to be "immortality", or even allowing you to live for 100 more years. The first one only needs to give you another twenty or so, because in those twenty they'll find even more methods. That's the goal you should keep in mind, to keep yourself intact and aware until that point is reached, because from there on, it'll just get better. (I've heard an estimate recently that they're extending lifespan by approximately one-quarter of a year every year. The target - extending by at least a year's lifespan per year of technological advance.)

Of course, it is a given that extending lifespan doesn't simply mean tacking more time on at the end - living a lot longer while in a frail state, with a degraded body and mind, is not what is being looked at here, and as technology improves, it won't simply tack on all the time at the end, but will be able to keep us healthy and active for longer also.

I want to win this race, I want to arrive at the boarding point and be able to enjoy the rest of the ride. I want to decide when I get off myself, not letting anyone or anything else say "that's it for you".