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The strong AI postulate is the assumption that artificial intelligence (AI) is possible - true, complete, artificial intelligence that is equivalent, or even superior, to the form of intelligence demostrated by human beings. In essence, it is saying that intelligence is not a function of the material it is made out of - that something made out of silicon and semiconductors can process information equivalently to one made out of organic materials. That there is nothing inherently unique about the brain of humans that is not reproducible. This does rule out the existence of a soul or other similar "spirit" that is necessary for life.

Whether this is an actual truth or not has yet to be determined, and it is likely this will continue to be unknown for many years. The strong AI postulate, though, is still often used in futurist/transhuman/extropian discussions and ideas, as many technologies and possibilities may come from such a development. For example, the idea of uploading a consciousness would require this to be true, as moving your consciousness from an organic body to a machine would require the ability for a "machine" to be intelligent.