The Mean Streak is a wooden roller coaster at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.


Lift Height: 161 ft. (49m)
Vertical Drop: 155 ft. (47m)
Angle of Descent: 52 degrees
Track Length: 5,427 feet (1,654m)
Structure: Wood
Trains: 3
Riders/Train: 28
Time: 2:45
Max. Speed: 65mph (105km/h) sans brakes
Price Tag: $7.5 million
Designer: Curtis D. Summers, Inc.
First Season: 1991

(Info borrowed from The Guide to the Point)

At least for a while after being built, it was the biggest and fastest wooden roller coaster around, but I think it has been surpassed. Due to the extraordinary stresses placed on the track and the structure from the fast speeds (you can even see some of the curves bend outward as the train goes through them), there are six full-time carpenters assigned to this ride to keep it from falling apart. The structure has also been strengthened with steel, and some brakes added on, to try to keep it under control.

Riding it is iffy. At the beginning of every year, they completely prep the track and adjust it. Over the course of the season, the track continues to be adjusted, but they never get it back into the shape it was at the beginning of the year. They also replace the rails every three years. If you manage to ride it at the beginning of the year, especially after it has just been replaced, you'll get one of the best rides any coaster has to offer. Toward the end of the year, you'll have a headache for the rest of the day from the pounding and shaking you'll take, and if it's the last year of the rails, the ride is even more unpleasant. If you're going at the beginning of the year, ride it—toward the end of the year, avoid it, or go on at the end of the day with a bottle of ibuprofen handy.