Yeech. I don't like the title of this node, but I really couldn't think of a good way to put it. So just read on if you want a better understanding.

I think the world, and for that matter the universe, is a much more beautiful place without attributing its existence to some divine creator. That it's much more remarkable without an intelligence deciding where to put everything.

Why? An omnipotent creator must be expected to create a totally beautiful, perfect place. With that much power, it wouldn't be any harder to make it an exquisite jewel than a ball of mud. Anything less would be a total failure on the creator's part. In fact, I'd kind of expect that a creator would actually do an even better job than what we've got. The world is far from perfect, at least from my perspective, and I'd think that wouldn't fit.

Ok, yes, I realize that some people would have the viewpoint that it is perfect, just for purposes we don't understand, for aims we can't comprehend. I could argue back that it seems silly to make a world to fulfill a certain purpose, when that omnipotent being could just fulfill that purpose itself, and so on, into a totally seperate argument. But that doesn't really address my point, so we'll leave that alone.

Without any divine guidance, if everything just kind of formed on its own, then how special it must be. There's no reason to expect a beautiful sunset, or the incredible detail of a flower, or the cheerful twinkling of the night sky. And while it may be possible that the whole universe is full of oddities and strange interactions, most which are so beautiful in their own way, each spot is quite unique. That even if the entire universe is teeming with life, most likely there's not a single place that's like the one we're in.

It's the special, the unusual, the highly unlikely or incredibly difficult things that impress us, that fill us with awe and wonder. The exquisite work of art catches our attention precisely because it is not something we see all the time, every day. If everyone could write a symophony as good as Mozart, and did so every day, we'd lose the appreciation for it, as it would become mundane. Similarly, a world that stands out among what we've seen of the universe is like finding a pearl. If someone could make all the pearls they wanted, without any effort, it wouldn't be special - just like if a being could make all the beautiful complex worlds it wanted, ours wouldn't be special.