This is very easy to determine. Because the people have the power - the power of voting, we can tell by who they vote for what they want things to be like...

Americans like attack politics. They like mudslinging, attack ads, insults, and the like. Because if only one politician does it, they are most often the ones to get elected. The one who tries to be nice ends up defeated.

They don't want third party candidates. Because they won't vote for them in any number. They like the battle between the democrats and republicans.

They like politics as usual. Every time someone comes along and says "no more politics as usual", they lose.

Or maybe they people don't like this stuff, they just haven't realized that they have the ability to change things, just as long as it's with actions and not just words.

Sometimes, I honestly think that American is proof that democracy is like socialism - great for an ideal state, but pretty poor in reality. A stupid and uncaring public votes for stupid and uncaring leaders.