In August of 1994, Wizards of the Coast released this expansion set for Magic: The Gathering. It contained 119 unique cards, all bearing the crescent moon as their expansion symbol. It was available in 8-card booster packs, and was printed on two sheets - a common sheet, and an uncommon sheet. There were two different levels of uncommon cards, 35 that were printed once per sheet, and 43 printed twice per sheet. The common sheet had 40 C3 commons on it, each printed 3 times per sheet, along with a single C1. The cards on the uncommmon sheet are considered rare, and the single C1 is considered the only uncommon card in the set - the Maze of Ith.

The Dark was a rather unremarkable set overall, with only one card to make the restricted list, the Maze of Ith, which was removed from the list much, much later. Ball Lightning has been popular since the set's printing, and for a time, Amnesia was used in some tournament-quality decks. Blood Moon has been seen now and then, with the ability to severly punish people using large amounts of non-basic lands - often finding a home in the Extended format with the number of dual lands seen there.

WotC made a decent recovery from the distaster that was Legends, availability wise. The Dark actually came in two shipments, the second a few months after the first. (For those interested, I started playing this game between these two shipments) Neither shipment was available more than a couple months, though the increased print run of 75 million and the rationing that many stores imposed allowed many more players to get their hands on some of the cards in this set. This was the last expansion set to run into problems of availability (except for some temporary situations that held up cards for a while during a print run).

The Dark did not have a strong storyline when it was printed - one was developed in detail later on, in the novel The Gathering Dark. The setting is one after the Brother's War (between Urza and Mishra), with Dominaria getting colder and harsher. A Church is gaining power, and has started a backlash against magic - after all, it was the cause of the war and the troubles. Magic users are hunted, and forced to go underground, forming two hidden schools, the City of Shadows, and the Conclave of Mages - or are they just stories?