Terror sex is sexual activity that occurs during or after a life-threatening crisis, and in respone to that crisis. People involved, either directly, or indirectly, suddenly have the urge for intimate physical contact with someone else. This may be partially due to just fear for their life, attempting to get one last orgasm in, an effect of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, a conscious or subconscious drive to have children to replace the people lost, or who knows what else?

Stories of such have abounded. Books tell of tales during World War II, where people hiding in bunkers during the bombing of London, or people being rounded up for the concentration camps, would just grab strangers and start to kiss and do whatever else they had time for.

This has been going on in large scale in New York after the World Trade Center terrorism. Bars that the firemen and other rescue workers frequent are now packed with people, mainly women, looking to get picked up by a group that has become some of the biggest heroes in the eyes of many people. Rumors spread of women who haven't had sex in years who are suddenly there almost every day with one fireman or another.