1 - As pointed out, see Flaws with Pascal's Wager (to sum it up here, reapply that argument toward Allah, Zeus, Brahma, or whoever - and if you don't come to the same conclusion, you're very likely not being honest with yourself)

2 - Everyone has moral dilemmas. It's the fact of living in a world of uncertainties, of differing opinions, ideas, and lifestyles. You can't get out of them. "If you are ever stuck again with a moral dilemma, just ask your local priest, rabbi or equivalent. He'll explain it all to you." What, I can believe and therefore give up thinking? I can let someone else do it all for me? No thank you.

3 - "You have sinned, you know." No I haven't. Never. Not a single sin in my life, assuming you define sin to have something to do with wronging some diety. Have I done things that are wrong? Yes, everyone has. Have I felt guilty about it? Sure. But instead of sitting and asking some non-corporeal entity that may or may not exist for forgiveness, and walking around feeling fine while the person I wronged is still upset, I go and try to repair things with them. I'd rather have their forgiveness then that of some so-called god.

4 - How does belief in god explain infinity? It sounds more like "God exists, therefore I won't think about infinity" to me.

5 - Some versions of creation theory do contradict evolution - ask many believers in creationism. Besides, evolution does make a lot of sense when you sit down and look at it and examine it, and is quite the amazing thing.

6 - "There has to be an afterlife." Um, you can't make there be an afterlife just because you can't conceive of there not being one. I can't conceive of what kind of mindset can make someone hate due to racism, but look, there it is. Asserting something doesn't make it true.

7 - Bible predictions and prophecy are always touchy topics. Many so-called predictions are poor fits and require faith just to believe one implies the other. There's also the fact that some prophecies, once known, can be created to come true. (I predict I'll eat leftover nachos for dinner. And I will, cause I get to choose what I have).

And the Bible Codes? They've done the same thing with all sorts of other books, and shown that with a large enough document, all sorts of odd patterns can be seen. Heck, analysis of pi shows patterns and the like in it, also. Randomness does not imply total lack of patterns.

8 - What things in life are "wrong" are different to different people. I consider the hate out there to be much more destructive than pornography or violent video games. Oddly, a lot of that hate seems to come from religious types. Seems like belief doesn't do a thing for that.

Besides, I'm sure I'd disagree with you on what is moral and immoral - there are likely some things you want to eliminate that I think it would be immoral to do; and likely the reverse also.

9 - "Everyone was born capable of believing in God." Everyone is born an atheist. They have no inherent belief in God. Parents just tell them over and over to believe in one, and presto, it occurs. "He WILL take you back." This sounds like a threat to me.

10 - Funny, I thought there was blood and muscle in my heart. Must have been taught lies by those damn atheist scientists. So if I kill another person and eat their heart, have I just eaten God? Maybe I'll made a God Casserole, or some Fried God.