We've reached the point where this is true. Not only is it a remedy, it's the only remedy, unless we change our values drastically.

What do I mean? Consider the current total population of the planet. We're already over six billion. If you examine a graph showing the total human population of Earth over time, you'll notice something. For a long time, the planet had a population of about three-hundred million (estimates, of course, nobody could really know). This lasted for a long time - thousands of years. Why? Because without technology, the amount of food, density of population, lack of medical knowledge and care, it appears that this was the maximum that could be maintained. Plague, famine, war, and the like helped to control the population.

But sometime in the past, not that long ago on the scale of human civilization, science arrived, and people started learning more. They learned how to produce more food, how to cure sickness and injury, prevent plague, preserve food, improve sanitation, farm, and the like. Suddenly the population starting growing. A lot.

Technology is the only thing that has allowed so many people to live on this planet. But this technology has bad side effects, causing global warming and all those other things. So staying where we are is unacceptable. So we can either advance, or retreat.

Some people, notably the radical environmentalists and other luddites, want to go back to the ways things used to be done. But, the way things used to be could not support all the people on this planet. So do we just tell a few billion people "too bad, for me to live the way I want to, you have to die"? I don't think this is any better.

So we have to go forward. Develop more technology, that is safer, cleaner, better. We have no reason to think we can't do this. In fact, we HAVE to do this. It's the only way out.