An attempt to prevent and or slow down the eventual accumulation of all wealth by a small group of people that have collected all of it due to countless advantages, schemes, and anything that will add to their wealth.

Obviously, it hasn't worked here in America very well at all, considering, at last count, 1% of the population had more combined wealth than the lowest 95%. This is a warning sign, because it's well known that wealth and power go hand in hand, and if this is not stopped, the division will become too great to prevent the enslavement of the lower class.

The estate tax was designed expressly to help try and prevent such an accumulation of wealth in a family, because they had knowledge of the past.

This 1% that owns so much wealth, and continues to grow it, is fully aware of the fact that it takes money to make money, and the more money you have, the more money you can make. This 1% could probably eliminate poverty here in the United States and still buy their limosuines, yachts, and mansions complete with maids and butlers. But apparently somewhere down the line they lost any interest in helping out people who weren't so lucky as to be born with a silver spoon up their ass.