It's amazing. I just read the huge volume of contributions to the Everything Statistics - September 29, 2001 node, and I'm confused. For the longest time everyone's been ranting about how we should node for the ages, and stop worring about noding for XP, how your level really doesn't matter, and all that. Now all these people are putting tons of effort into creating some mathematical system to compare the average writeup reputation with the combined sum total of negative votes to writeups with less than median reputation divided by the number of seconds spent creating writeups minus the number of seconds creating daylogs times the number of times you've been borged divided by how worthless dem bones thins you are.

Sure, the XP you have is usually levels ahead of the number of writeups you have. (But there's no concern that the number of writeups on E2 is falling faster than a dot-com stock value) So what? It's not like it's going to result in noding for numbers, as the editors and gods pounce on crappy nodes with vengeance (and I mean crappy as in "not an amazing, professional piece of work). So what's to complain about?

(I miss the days of node it all! and there's room for everything on Everything)

Anyways... well, I've added myself to the E2 mentoring sign-up, as events yesterday have convinced me that I don't have the slightest clue what's acceptable to node anymore, other than daylogs and boring, pure factual information. So I'm going to enlist the help of someone else, so I can understand the full range of what's allowed - because I don't want to cross those lines, as the reactions to my doing that have been swift and vengeful (as if I know what's allowed and I'm doing the wrong thing just to piss them off). I want to contribute, but I want to do it properly. Hopefully, a mentor can provide the guidance I need to get me back on track.

Oh yeah... and while playing Diablo II last night, I once again found an item that was high in demand and everyone wanted a little while ago, but no longer really that tradeable anymore, cause everyone who wanted it has already got it. It happened before with Laying of Hands (which I've found twice), and now with the Immortal King's Stone Crusher. *sigh* when can I find something that I can trade for the damn items I need?

Wow, I've already received a number of /msgs from others confused about what to node... perhaps it's time for the administration here to write/rewrite parts of the FAQ to make it clearer?

I was just reading IKEA nesting instinct, and I remembered a little event from a few months ago. I was with a friend, shopping at Ikea, in preparation for her moving to a new apartment. She wanted to decorate up her apartment, instead of just moving the same crap she's had for a while. This particular evening, we were there looking at bedroom stuff.

While looking through the ailes and displays, a comforter caught her eye. Well, a duvet actually, but the difference isn't that important here. It was interesting, with some purple and grey, in various wild patterns (stripes and swirls and waves, oh my!). She knew that was the one she wanted.

So, we went about, trying to find what would go well with it. We decide on the grey sheets and pillowcases, a yellow throw to go with the yellow highlightes on the duvey, and a mix of small throw pillows. We spent the greater part of a hour going back and forth and holding things against each other, and getting it just right!

As we walk out of the section, having put together what we knew was a great combination, we both saw it, and stopped dead, right there next to it. A display bed. With the exact same combination we had put together ourselves. Dead on.

We actually felt pretty good, as surely they pay people some serious money to put together very attractive and inviting displays. And here we were, with the same thing, all by ourselves. :)