Work is slow. I'm not complaining too loudly, I knew it was going to be that way today. I have a concert to go to tonite, Tori Amos. The same one I bitched about a while back because Ticketmaster couldn't be bothered to make their web site decent enough for a customer doing their best to get those 9th row seats that the site selected actually be able to purchase them before the 5 minutes was up, leaving me with 33rd row instead.

I'm still excited about going, but I knew it meant that the rest of the day would take a long, long time. And it has, though not as bad as some other days. I spent the morning trying to get some logic written up for the next release, trying to decipher really obfuscated documenation to figure out the message header for sending from one box to another. I still don't know how it fucking works, I'll just have to dig in deeper to find out more, and hope I can get it figured out before I'm actually supposed to write the code for it. Oh, all the meanwhile listening to the mix cd I made for masukomi to verify that it burned ok, and it did. Lunch time was spent working on a artistic little booklet to go with it. My art attempts may be pathetic, but I figured the personal touch might mean something - and what better way to improve than to practice? This afternoon I really should spend some time reviewing other logic for the call processing section. (the guts of the dispatch-type calls for the iDEN system, and it's all in my hands :)

Thanksgiving plans get more and more interesting. My mother invited Chelle and I for the holiday, and fortunately, none of the rest of her family will be there. (They're not bad people, just, well... let's say that a family gathering on their side sometimes feels like a bad episode of Roseanne) Just her and the guy she's engaged to. Well, I had run the idea of inviting my friend K along, which she liked. So then K suggested E, and I checked with my mom again, she was ok, and then had to check with E, who had to figure out her plans and such. Now that S is hanging around us more (and moving in with K soon), we've decided to invite her along too - after all, being from New Zealand, it's not like it's a big holiday for her. My mom is ok with it, just need to ask her... looks like five of us making the trek to her place. My mom's poor fiance is going to be severly outnumbered :)

As far as E2... I've been back in the m-noder washroom again today, after a reminder that I'm apparently given little latitude in the cheddarbox. So best to disappear again for a while, and especially avoid any emotional complaints - those never make things better. And besides, it's nice not having to worry about botching my /msgs.

I did some nodeshell collecting, and a little bit of random node surfing, trying to bring a few more of Webster's nodes into the nodescape.