My day is uninteresting, like most of them have been recently. Not boring just uninteresting. About the only one that has been interesting was last Saturday, when I went with my SO, my friend, and a friend of hers to go see some live music in the city. I'd heard some of my friend's Halcyon CDs before, but it just didn't grab me, but seeing them in person seemed like fun, and she said it was. So, three of us hopped in the car, drove into the city, picked up her friend Sarah (who's trans, but I couldn't tell, and a Kiwi - I love that accent), then headed to the area known as Andersonville - AKA girlstown. Stopped at a little Japanese hole-in-the-wall restaurant, with incredible food, then off to Stargazers, and my first time being in a lesbian bar. Had fun, and Halcyon was much better in person than on the CD's, and I had mucho fun.

Anyways, tonite I'm going over to that friend's place to help her finish cleaning for a houseguest that will be in from Florida for a week. She helped us clean our apartment a few weeks back, so it's only fair - and besides, it's fun spending time with her.

More interestingly, the gamer in me never seems to cease coming up with ideas. Now, most of my ideas are probably pretty bad and should be let go (and anyone who's seen the range of my ideas would agree), but I figured that there were a couple I should try and get written down while they're still in my mind, just in case they aren't all that bad.

First, a random mixture of various things to create something new. The idea? PerlNomic. Take the rule creation and general self-reinvention that a nomic offers, and reformat it into a new environment. Other than a few meta-rules that would be impossible to code, let everything else be controlled by perl code. IE, someone writes the "game", if you will. A method of accepting proposals, voting, and scoring. But the whole point is that the "rules" are what's in the code, and the proposals are code changes. After a proposal has been accepted, the code contained in it is added/changed/deleted to the game code, and things go from there.

It seems to be an interesting framework where people can "win" from perl hacking, and creative coding can get you advantages if the other players don't catch on.

I know I can't do anything like this at the moment. While I might be able to get something going with the code, I have no resources to run such a website, and I dont know of any place to get them easily. Oh well.... maybe someone else will like the idea and want to run with it.

Second... seems like MMORPGs are such a big thing nowadays. The massively multiplayer aspect seems quite fun, but I've been wondering if there's a way to apply it to other types of games. My idea? Well, I also enjoy board games, and one of my own favorites that I unfortunately don't get to play much is RoboRally. So in a way, I've taken a little bit from that and just let the idea grow, change, morph in my mind.

I'm imagining a game with a huge "board", the game world. Yeah, like that's news. Some planet completely overtaken with industrialization and such, so most of the surface is now metal. All regular life is gone from the planet, all that's left are robots, fighting over resources. The robots are divided into various factions.

Each player comes in either joining a faction, or going solo. Players find ways to harvest resources, whether finding what's still available, or killing other robots/machines/etc and collecting the scrap. These metals can be refined into more robots, into weapons, into devices to aid the faction. The surface of the planet can also be reformed, and would frequently be, as walls are built for protection, roads built to speed travel, defenses to guard areas controlled by the factions, and so on. Even tunnels underground could be built, as secret storage areas, secret factories, etc. The variety of things that could be done designed to allow people interested in fighting to go off and do lots of that, while people more interested in building could do that also.

i know there are all sorts of details to work out, it's just an initial idea, as I said, written down so it's at least never forgotten. (if anyone else is interested, I would be happy to work together to flesh out the idea and come up with something more solid... and I could do some programming once I get my DSL back... not like I expect anyone to be interested)...