For some reason, I like thinking, pondering, and conversing about the possibilities of the nature of reality. After all, it seems like it would be too boring and dull sometimes for this life as we experience it to be the sum total of what there is.

No, I'm not talking about some sort of religious afterlife where you either life forever in utter happiness or burn in the pits for eternity because you violated some rule about how to cook your food. I'm talking more imaginative ideas, other varieties.

After all, our perception of reality is subjective, filtered through senses and nerves and fed into the brain in a manner that leaves us with a philosophical uncertainty that about the truth of it. There's no way to prove it's not being spoon-fed into our mind by something else, or that our mind even exists in a physical world.

Just because we perceive it doesn't really mean anything when you consider the possibilities. It's ultimately fruitless banter, because whether or not it's truly real doesn't matter because it's real enough to be relevant.