Ok, it's 10:15 am, and I am determined after I finish this day log writeup to not even look at Everything until I have finished the report that I get to present to our group tomorrow, about how unit testing went for our last release. I wish I had it already done, but that's what happens when noding is more fun.

What a fun morning it's already turned out to be. When I got out of the shower, I thought I heard a noise that I couldn't quite identify, so I just listened for a bit, and heard nothing. So I went ahead, and started to get dressed. There I am, in the bedroom, wearing only underwear, when this guy comes up the stairs - and of course the door is open, nobody's supposed to be there.

Well, he immediately heads back down far enough to not be seen, and I ask what he's there for... he tells me to clean the carpets, and asks if the apartment complex told us about it. No, they'd didn't. My heart's just a pounding away, like it's trying to escape. So he finally says he'll come back later after taking care of a couple other units. Well, I try and call the office, but they don't open until 9. And now I'm worried that he's not really there to clean the carpets, since we would have been notified, and is instead there with a key somehow to clean out the apartment.

Finally, I decide to head to work, since I can't just wait until the office opens. Eventually the office actually opens, and it's found out there was a mistake - they weren't supposed to clean our apt, but another one. So they contact the carpet guys, and correct that. It's not like we needed our carpet cleaned anyways - we just moved in.

What a morning... I hope the day gets better, not worse. At least the plant is already looking better, out of that cruel sun.