I think about the fact that I started these day logs, was the only one to do them for a while to keep people at least noticing them, and now that they've become wildly popular I haven't done one in a while.... I really should try and change that. I might find it interesting some day.

It's one of those fun days just because of wearing a few new items together. I don't know why it's like that, but it makes me feel a bit new as a person also, and I like it. I've got my nice new shirt from ThinkGeek on (the binary "you are dumb" one), but nobody has asked me about it yet. And everyone around here works with computers, cause we're a software development place. Odd. And I'm realizing why Birkenstocks are such a big deal. They are just so comfortable, and the pair I have I think is probably one size bigger than what would be best. I wonder how long until I get another pair.

I broke the level 11 barrier today. I don't know how long I've been on level 10, with the amount of experience needed it seemed to take forever. I was fine with writeups long before experience. But after reaching it, thanks to a cool from ariels, I saw a nice statement telling me "9994 experience until level 12"... that's a hell of a lot. Just slightly less than what I have now. This could take a while, but I don't care. It's amusing but not too important.

I have a hair appointement tonight. I am going to get it colored, in a salon this time instead of out of a box. I think some highlights will add a nice touch to it also. I have yet to decide on the color. Maybe something with more violet, or perhaps the other way and more red. Regardless, I want to get rid of that dull brown poking through from not coloring it in way too long.

Update: Went with a rather light red, more of a copper color. Quite a bit lighter. And I love it. Even had to get my eyebrows colored to match the hair, it was that much lighter. Makes it a little wierd looking into a mirror, as the person I see looking back at me doesn't necessarily seem like the same one. But I'm happy. Going to get some highlights added next week.