A rather pessimistic view, in my opinion.

Voting, from the initial creation of the United States of America, was designed to allow the people to affect the government. So, at least way back when, it definitely allowed the system to change.

Even today, voting does change the system. When one party gets the majority of congress, due to how people voted, they affect which laws get passed and which don't.

The problem is not that voting cannot change the system - it's that it seems either the majority of people are happy with the system (or happy enough to not vote for people who will change it), or are just so dumb and/or gullible to follow a party line or get suckered by trashy television advertisements. Or that they just don't care anymore, don't think they can change it, and don't even bother to try.

I do think if something isn't done soon, however, we will no longer be able to cause change without revolution.

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