(Yes, this could be considered a getting to know you node, but isn't it better to have any writeups on the topic here, instead of in home nodes? After all, not many people are likely to talk or write about it on their own, and everything together here makes it more interesting and more connected.)

I don't mean how you define your sex. Your sex is the parts you have. Whether you have an innie or an outie.

I mean your gender. What makes you male, female, or other? If you were in an accident and lost all your reproductive organs, what would be left to define that part of you? Is it what types of interests you have, or how you communicate with others? Is it based on who you're attracted to? (even though many would say sexuality and gender are different things) Or something else entirely?

It's something I've been thinking about, of course, but had some difficulty coming up with an answer other than just saying "I just know". So I'd like to get some other views on it.

I'll add my definition to this soon when I come up with something...