Nate keeps dem bones chained to the wall, putting a computer in front of him and making him node for food.

Datagirl was working on a secret plot to castrate all the male noders, but it was foiled when her soup spoon was taken away.

Pseudo_Intellectual is an experiment gone wrong in AI.

Ailie is a dominatrix, and keeps a secret army of leather-clad male monkeys in a hidden warehouse.

pukesick got his name from his creation as the first mass of vomit from a frat party that gained sentience, and was immediately accepted into the frat in hopes of raising their average GPA.

Juliet posts all those nodes about guys to hide the fact she's got a crush on Knifegirl (why else would she want her in the band?)Love ya juliet!

Team Jet-poop is up to thirteen distinct personalities, but they all reside in the same body. There was a fourteenth, but the others banded together to destroy it.

Uberfetus requires a gallon of vodka a day just to stay functioning.