It was really odd...

I was with my mother, in some sort of apartment building, low-income housing or something like that. We were there helping people clean up their apartments. I remember having to go into the basement, which was like a regular household basement, cement floor and walls, and the like, and both of us being scared to go down there. But we went down, and there were two pinball machines in the corner, brand new ones, but made to look like old-fashioned ones.

I nudged one of them, cause I could see the ball was stuck on it, and then it made some noises. The woman from the apartment we were in started talking to us through the floor/ceiling between us - the basement ceiling also looking like a regular house basement.

We went back up, and I had to take some of the trash out to the dumpster, it was dark, and I saw some sort of animal, one that shouldn't have been there, like a horse or something. I went back in, and was helping clean up some more. I looked out the window, and it was like looking down from a third story apartment. There was a camel out in the parking lot now, walking around. There shouldn't have been one, so I started looking out even harder - and saw a bunch of animals come running up, like the zoo had let everything loose. There were elephants, and horses, and lions... lots of lions. The animals were running around, fighting with each other and such.

I said something about the animals being out, and then went to the sliding door of the apartment. I looked outside, and saw all the animals around, and then quickly opened the door, jumped outside, and shut it again, climbing under this shelter-like thing right outside the door, like a board leaning up against the wall just under the bottom of the door - with open sides that I was watching the animals through. Suddenly I realized they could get to me and I got scared, and opened the door and ran back inside, since the animals were all around.

I closed the door, but just then I saw the woman living in the apartment screaming as a big lioness was standing over her. I grabbed Rachelle, who was now there instead of my mother, and we ran out the apartment door into the building hallways. There were lions around, so we went running up the stairs, and around the halls a few floors up. We'd go to another stairwell, and see lions at the bottom, and keep running to other stairwells.

I got to one and there was a lion right there ready to get us, so we climbed over the railing and started climbing down the inside of the stairwell toward the first floor. Suddenly, the lion from up above jumped down the stairwell, so we climbed back up, and took off down the hallway, running into some random apartment.

...then I woke up.