morning ... morning ... morning ... morning ... morning

a nice long sleep, which was good after the long day yesterday was. unfortunately, morning comes too soon, but i am used to that.

my male cat chews on the little rubber flower that is one of six that should be stuck to the bottom of the tub. i am amazed, there are still three in there today. somedays they're all around the apartment. they need to be replaced, like two previous bathmats and one set of stick on strips, all victims to that ferocious of cats. i don't get it.

the last bowl of cereal from the box, full of those crumbs, that just make it not as appetizing, that ruin the texture. cranberry almond crunch i believe it was, blueberry morning with a different dried fruit.

Since my SO stayed home sick yesterday, I took the Intrepid, so the Cavalier lies buried under the snow, so I get to clear it all off, the first true indication that winter is here. digging out the car.

morning at work. or should it call it, morning on Everything. i work so little nowadays, and that is pretty bad, but the worse part is that nobody really seems to even care. they're paying me to node, to chat, to read, because they can't give me much in the way of work.

i still want a new job, i'm just not sure what i want to do.

lunch comes, and we decide taco bell sounds good, instead of finding things in the apartment, with the dishes not quite clean due to the lack of getting that dishwasher detergent yesterday. a not too long drive, without much trouble. I turn into the parking lot of a shopping center, where the entrance to the drive-thru is located. I realize I'm driving kind of in the center of the "road" through the parking lot, so i start to pull back over to the right. i hear the screeching of tires - there's a car practically next to me on the right. they weren't there when i turned in, so i have no clue where they came from, why they're driving next to me where they shouldn't be, and why the have a license in the first place.

they shoot me an evil glance, and i almost wish we had collided so the police can tell them it's their fault, but i know it's not really worth the trouble. I realize there are moments i wished i was a traffic cop so i could try and do something about all the idiots out there, but that i probably wouldn't enjoy it that much.

lunch is uneventful, and so has my afternoon been. maybe i'll get some work done. or likely not. i have the evening alone again, and promises to do some cleaning and maybe even some exercise. we'll see.