The morning sucks. I hate waking up most of the time, but it was one of those really bad ones. Not sure why.

I go to take a shower, and realize I forgot to do some laundry last night, so I am forced to wear the same underwear again. And I really, really hate doing that, almost as much as skipping a shower. So I know it's going to be a bad day.

I get in to work, and do my usual scan of various web sites. I go read User Friendly, BottomQuark, Slashdot, a couple other minor things, and then check out E2. I sit and read, vote, and talk away on the chatterbox. Pretty much all day. Why the hell don't I really try and get any work done? I re-realize that I really don't care for my job, but I can't really think of anything else I'd rather do, and that makes it hard to get off my behind and get something better.

Well, I do get a little bit done, but not much, and finally get out of work as soon as I can. I start that laundry so as to not repeat the morning's experience, then go to take care of the dishes. The dishwasher seems to have decided not to really clean things this time, and the last of the detergent was used up, so there's not much I can do. I clean things up a little bit, and decide I'll go to the store and get more detergent later when the snow and traffic both let up. Oh yeah, did I mention it's been snowing to the point where traffic is a bit slower and some roads are a bit slippery?

I wander upstairs and turn on the computer, and stop by #Everything, to talk for a little bit, see how people are doing, while I check my e-mail. Look, more messages from Sarcasmo about details for the party. Cool. Now I just need to talk to my SO later on tonite and make sure it's ok, as she's at work. Evenings. Yay.

The channel isn't that exciting, but Masukomi shows up, and we start talking. About lots of things. Next thing I know I'm ranting and venting to her, about all sorts of things. Damn, she's a great listener.

Finally, I go get some food, and try calling my SO. At dinner. So I leave a message, and go back up and talk to Masukomi some more, since the channel is still not all that interesting. And rant and vent more. FINALLY, I call my SO back yet again, and ask how work's going and such. Then I mention the party, and the conversation goes downhill.

I mean, what kind of sane person would want to go from the suburbs into the city, with a ride from someone she doesn't know, to visit people she doesn't really know, has never met, or even talked to? Why would I want to do such a thing?

Well, that's the reaction I get. Not fun. Off the phone, and I know both of us are in pretty crummy moods now. Back to ranting and such, and I'm starting to wonder about my relationship, even. Other little details.

My SO calls back about an hour and a half later, first to apologize, then we go back through things again. But this time with something about making a list of good reasons to go. Interspersed with that "I'll be worried all evening and do a horrible job at work, and I really would rather you didn't" type stuff which has that wonderful side effect of making sure that were I to go, somehow, that I'd never forget that she'd be all worried and a mess the entire time, and that I wouldnt be able to have any fun.

I get off the phone, in a fog, chat a little bit longer (yes, a few minutes became hours, fortunately I did remember to get some laundry done in there, but not out to the store), then about 10 decide to go to bed. I just don't feel like being awake anymore.

Sleep is the best part of the day.