Almost another over-snooze day with the alarm. I need to get up earlier, and if I want more sleep to go to bed earlier. I really do.

A look out the window, and see the beauty of snow, even more scarred by the black streaks of the now-clear roads, the splatter of dirty slush, and realize just how badly we really have affected this world. Hopes, not for people to disappear, but to advance to the point we don't have to be so dirty, so violent, so quick to annihilate in the name of building. All this right after waking up.

Morning routine ensues. I see a twinkle in my eye while drying my hair that makes me smile, a twinkle that shows what's in my head, and seems so knowledgable.

A slow morning at work, hours on E2 again, this can't be good. Lunch, and watch the tape of Biography of the Year. And with some thought before it even starts, the number 1 becomes obvious. The ones behind an event on a scale that even dwarfs the chaos for the presidential election. The two behind the completion of the Human Genome Project. After an hour of watching, I see I am correct.

A quick check of my e-mail, another friend responding. A very ambivalent message, an uncertain reaction. I don't know what to think. I shall have to give him some time, I suspect. I should have expected that not everyone would be so immediately accepting, but I could hope.

Now, I sit here back at work, listening again to my Delerium CD, Poem, and enjoying it. (Thank you adoxograph for using your discount for me :)

I get home from work, lounge around, and we decide to get pizza tonight to celebrate her final for her class. She wanders off a little after 6, I watch a little more of the Biography, and order pizza. Then, I give my friend a call, the first one who responded very positively. It's a short conversation, she was on her way out, but we talk for a few minutes, and she is definately happy for me finding what makes me happy.

Watch the rest of the Biography, and she gets home a few minutes before the pizza comes - good timing. We eat, watch random TV, and she chats on the phone to a friend.

Then comes Battlebots. I enjoy the show. Quite a bit. Though the start of this new season is a rather quick disappointment. No, not the show, just the results. Mecha Tantamushi loses. Mauler 5150 loses. Snake loses. The ones I really like all seem to lose. They're only bots for goodness sake, why do I even care? Hmph. Oh well, it was still fun to watch.

No more e-mail, seems the server is down.

I go to bed.