I am supposed to have my computer here at work replaced with something newer and better. They first called yesterday, and told me this afternoon they'd come replace it. I haven't seen them yet, and I have about 30 minutes until I leave.

They are replacing my SparcStation 5 with an Ultra 10. I don't know how much better it will be, but I hope a lot. I am happy that I don't have to work on Microsoft or any of their crappy stuff. It's all unix, every little bit of it. Which is why I wish Mozilla was both available and dependable, since Netscape hasn't exactly been great. I can't even use the Everything Jukka Theme (or is that the Everything Jucky Theme?)

And it is icky as crap outside. It started out nice this morning, but by lunch it was cold and rainy, and we're supposed to get about four inches of snow. What a beautiful spring day.