A CCG by the now defunct Daedalus Games. Based on wild Hong Kong action movies, such as those featuring Jackie Chan, John Woo, or Chow Yun-Fat. The storyline relates to a secret war between a number of time-travelling factions for control of sites around the world with good feng shui. This sounds like a strange plotline, and it is, but the idea is that one cannot change history without changing control of feng shui sites; if you can wrest control of such sites away from someone else, history will alter in your favor.

No matter how strange the premise, it's fun in that it allows you to have, for example, vat-grown Abominations with Really Big Guns waging war against Hopping Vampires on Motorcycles. The game mechanics are similar to Magic: The Gathering in many ways, with your "creatures" (in Shadowfist, "characters") attacking your opponent's territory, but there is also an added strategic location aspect where characters can only defend nearby locations. Sadly, it is among the many dead CCG's, and may be difficult to find.

Card sets are Limited, Standard, Netherworld, and Flashpoint.