Yes, I know profanity is among Everything's favorite pursuits (next to sex and noding itself, I would guess). However, I tend to find it a rather simple, unoriginal way of going about expressing oneself. Calling something a piece of shit or someone an asshole really doesn't express much beyond the fact that you dislike the thing in question. Tone of voice carries the rest--and the tone of voice effect can be added to any word, not just profanity. Especially when confronting someone, other words would be much more effective than profanity: using easy curses and old tried-and-true swears is likely to get you little more than retaliation in kind. If, instead, you unload on someone the longest insult in Shakespeare, or say something utterly bizarre, they're likely to be stunned, speechless and wide open for further attack. It also carries the added benefit of making you sound like Pseudo_Intellectual, something many a noder aspires to.

wharfinger: I'm not necessarily saying to zap profanity. I'm merely bringing it to some people's attention that it is not as effective as they would like to think. True, it takes some degree of intelligence to use a more interesting turn of phrase, but as you said, if you're lacking that, you're in bad shape in the first place.