Once again I sit here at work with nothing else better to do (Translation: I have done what NEEDS to be done, and putting off the rest until tomorrow). Other than adding myself to the Everything People Registry, checking out bluebear's Nightscape Studios website (which by the way, is very cool, I recommend you check it out) and pestering a few noders for a bit (in turn, finding the perfect Christmas gift for my better half, AND supporting one very cool site -coughE2cough-), I find myself wandering the site, and reading random nodes.

Now, I also feel so very close to becoming level two. I want so very badly to vote, and let people know that by voting them up I like what they have done. There is one small problem. I know I am not the greatest writer on the face of this earth. In fact, I don't think I am very good at all. I find I have trouble finding things to node about, and find some of the suggestions I get from others to be even harder to node about. I am not very good at spelling, and I suck (again not very good) at grammar.

This makes things very interesting for me. It's almost like being a child on Christmas morning every time I log on (maybe that is why I rarely log off). I wonder how many have looked at what I wrote, and if the node took a month to write (a few of them have) I am even more nervous and child like, because I am proud of it, and afraid to be shot down (this also, has happened).

So, I guess what I am saying, is thank you.

Thank you for criticizing my writing when it is needed. It makes me better in the long run, even if I hate the fact that you said it.

Thank you for letting me know when I have done something you like. It gives me that extra boost for those days when I am down from being criticized.

Lastly - Thank you for giving me hours upon hours, for days at a time of wonderful writing to read.